You Are Born To Succeed

eagle in flight over water and pink sky concept you are born to succeed is your website holding you back

Our friends and family may really love us, but that doesn’t mean they want us to succeed.

I first became aware of this phenomenon while listening to The War of Art. Author Steven Pressfield recounted the calamities that happen when family and friends begin to fear that things will change for them if we really do achieve our goal…

“Sometimes entire families participate unconsciously in a culture of self-dramatization. The kids fuel the tanks, the grown-ups arm the phasers, the whole starship lurches from one spine-tingling episode to another. And the crew knows how to keep it going. If the level of drama drops below a certain threshold, someone jumps in to amp it up. Dad gets drunk, Mom gets sick, Janie shows up for church with an Oakland Raiders tattoo. It’s more fun than a movie. And it works: Nobody gets a damn thing done.

Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Still struggling?

My own business struggles became more challenging after my sons went off to college.

15 years of juggling car pools, long school breaks, and typical childhood ailments were behind me. It looked like clear sailing.

Much to my surprise it became increasingly difficult to manage my business.

My beloved ‘remaining’ family members began to have urgent health needs. Some self imposed.

I began to doubt my own abilities, saying things to myself like, “I not good enough to keep ‘pulling this off.'”

Then it hit me.

I needed to be around people who would support my vision and my business goals.

Trying to do it all myself was a recipe for failure if I wanted to have a sustainable business that I enjoyed. It was time to get help.

Chris Drucker’s book Virtual Freedom helped me see the importance of dividing my tasks into 3 buckets:

  1. Should Do
  2. Shouldn’t Do
  3. Don’t Want To Do

Are you holding yourself back?

Family and friends aside, sometime we derail our dreams unknowingly because we don’t know, what we don’t know.

Take your website, for example.

Are you embarrassed to give out your URL? Many people are.

Our businesses change. The website you created years ago may no longer represent you and your business today.

I’m guilty of keeping up an ‘old-school’ website because some my blog posts continue to get a few hundred hits a week.

People find me online because my blog posts solve an immediate problem, but when they go to my homepage it’s static, dull and boring.

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Right?

Nancy Fields’ business website

Changing your website is a nightmare for most people. Me, too. But sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it.

If you’re thinking about building a new website for your business, ask yourself:

  1. Should you do it?
  2. Do you want to do it?

If you want to do it, ask yourself:

  1. Do you have the skills right now to create your own website?
  2. Do you have the time to learn how to build a website, write all your content, find great looking images and resize them for optimum website speed?

Can you build a website in a weekend?

You can build a website in a weekend if:

  1. You have a domain name and it’s ‘talking to’ your website host
  2. Your website theme is uploaded and ready to populate
  3. Your copy is ready
  4. You’ve chosen your images, and resized them to fit your theme requirements
  5. You have the skills to build the theme and have great theme documentation at your fingertips

If you do. Go for it!

Weekend two…

After you’ve built your website in a weekend, you are a ready for the next step: SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization) involves finding the words that people use to find you and your business services.

Add these words throughout your website. Especially in your Page and Post headings.

Weekend three…

Free offers, aka lead magnets, are an essential part of having a profitable website, and not just another website that sucks your wallet, and your time, dry.

Using the same search skills you used to optimize your website, find out if your free offer is what people really want. If not, create a new one, because a free offer builds your most valuable business asset — your list of prospects.

Find what’s holding you back

You may have completed a website, optimized your site, and created a free offer. Would you like to know what makes a website profitable?

Click here to take my website profitability quiz. Discover what pieces are missing that are holding you back from having a website you are proud to share and promote.

After you take the quiz, bucket the tasks into (1) should do (2) shouldn’t do (3) don’t want to do.

You do not have to ‘do it all’ by yourself.

You can schedule a call with me to review your quiz results, and get my recommendations on what to do first.

If you are embarrassed to give people your URL, it hurts your business because you have put doubt in your prospect’s mind. It’s time to change that, one step at a time.

In a few short weeks you could be saying, “Check out my new website!” and be on the path to a profitable, sustainable business.

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Your Best Business Website

Video Below

After building websites for coaches, consultants and small businesses for over 15 years I discovered a new way to create your best website ever.

…and I created a homepage in 30 minutes!

It used to be a struggle to find the right words for my clients’ website.

Without ‘the right words,’ it was a challenge to find great images. The ones that create a “Wow!” response the minute someone lands on your site.

Instead of launching their new website in a few weeks, things dragged on for months.

We would tweak the headlines to death. Or move one design section to another part of the page hoping that would ‘do the trick.’

It did not.

I had fallen into the same trap that most do-it-yourselfers, website designers and developers fall into…creating the homepage first by relying on the website theme template to guide my image choice and words.

A different approach to website design

Instead of starting with the homepage I now write the sales page first.

I finally have a website that I really love because it’s like I’m talking to my clients. It’s a completely different experience for me, and for them. It’s terrific.

Jan Wallen, Raise Your Fees Expert

Would you like a free website design review and find out what keywords people are using to find you online? Click here to schedule your 20 minute call.

The secret sauce

My client, Jan Wallen, is a writer, but the LAST thing she wanted to write was her website copy.

To get past that hurdle I asked Jan a series of questions.

Her answers gave me exactly what I needed to create a long form sales landing page and choose the best images.

Using Jan’s sales landing page as a guide, her home page was built in 30 minutes.

Why write your sales landing page first

The gold is in your sales page because it contains all your best website copy that will guide all your design decisions, too.

What to put in your sales landing page

  1. WHY they should listen to you (i.e. your unique offer)
  2. WHAT process or method will solve their problem
  3. HOW your process or method will help them solve their problem

Need help with your website?

Get a free website review. You will also discover what keywords people are using to find your business online.

Click here to schedule your free call.

What is in the video

Video walk through of my new website design process, comments from my customer, Jan Wallen, and questions from others who attended 10-Minute Monday.


If you’re creating a new website, what page should you build first? What if I told you it was not your homepage? Would you be surprised I’m Nancy Fields. And today I’m going to share a little secret. That has been a real game changer for me, but before we get started, click the subscribe button below. If you’re watching this on YouTube.

 I am so excited to share this with you today because I’ve been designing websites for over 15 years for other people. And I started out with creating sites in HTML and Dreamweaver, and then on WordPress.

And this was such a game changer for me. 

And it started with my last launch, which was a website package for coaches and consultants who wanted a profitable website. 

My product launch formula coaches, always say, write the sales page first. So for my launch, I did the sales page first, but I also needed to other things because I wanted a new homepage because I wanted to show coaches and consultants what was possible.

And I also needed a landing page.

The problem was when it comes to doing landing pages, it’s like, ‘Oh my heavens. There’s just so much to put on a landing page.’ There’s so much text.

It always puts me in a kerfuffle.

But then I thought, ‘wait a minute, I just created a sales script.’

Duh. Light bulb moment. 

So I thought, ‘What if I took my sales page script that I was taught how to write, and then used it to create a long form landing page first before I created my homepage?’

And I’m telling you that truly, truly changed everything because what I realized is, as I was putting together my landing page, suddenly the landing page was easy to put together.

I then looked at all this text. It was long form text, but that’s not what you put on a home page because your homepage is actually very different.

Your home page is about pulling out little nuggets and really grabbing people. So you get this strong, provocative statement in the header. So first,  problem. Then it’s a solution. The next thing is, well, here’s a problem. You follow with a solution.

And then we’re talking about my product.

As a coach, you’re not up at the very top. You’re really grabbing the people with what their problem is.

I was able to get that down to three short sentences .

I had a great testimonial. And then I followed with a little short bio about me, how people could get started with me if they were ready, but chances are, they’re really not ready. So my call to action was to get in touch with me and I thought this is crazy and amazing because I literally put this together in 30 minutes.

And then another light bulb moment, because I realized this is where most do it yourself and designers, even developer go wrong. We go back and forth trying to pull out clever bits for a home page when it’s really difficult to do. And what ends up happening, we only talk about the how, and we stay on the how.

And so we often fall in love with themes. And when you look at the theme that you’re falling in love with, and you break it down, the themes are all about the how. If you end up using the how as a guide, you’re ending up in the wrong place, because the problem is you’re not talking about the “why’ or the “what.”

There are thousands and thousands and thousands of themes to choose from, you’re going to see a pattern that the themes are about selling you the themes. So if you’re using those to guide you for your copy, you’re starting off in the wrong place.

At the same time. I truly love themes by StudioPress because StudioPress themes are built for business. I want to show you what I did with the StudioPress theme and why I chose this theme in particular for myself. I liked it because it was going to allow me to start out with something big and bold.

A big, bold statement, not about me. I like the font. But what I liked most about this theme is that each button that I clicked on brought me down to the next part of the homepage. And so that kept them on the home page longer, which is great for SEO.

You know, there was this section, I didn’t really need this. The way it ended was a great ending as well. And I thought, oh, this is a great way to tell a story. But there again, the theme sold me the theme. After having built websites for this long, I’m realizing that the worst place to begin a website is with a home page.

Guess why? Well, it’s all about the message and you need to engage your visitors. , it’s so tempting to take these little bits of information and say, oh, I’m just going to  spin this with my own language. But you’re not getting the “Wait, what?” response?

So then I thought, okay,  when I go back to my landing page, I’m starting with the problem. The big problem and then going into a solution. So it’s the problem. I’m agitating this problem and then I’m showing them, there’s an opportunity here for you. I’m going back to the problem and then, 

here’s a solution. This is a landing page to sell them  on the idea. You have more opportunity to speak about this and then the ownership experience. A little bit about, who’s going to guide them through and how they can get started.

Testimonials are always really important on a landing page. And then  ending with agitate, more, you’ll leave them with, you still have this problem and you’re going to keep having this problem unless you take an action. 

So if I take all this text, but it’s following the same format, you’re starting with the problem.

And why they should listen. And I do have a solution, but  notice it’s really a tiny bit of text and then, oh, here is the solution. And how I’m going to help them there again, the ownership experience, and I’ve taken all this texts and  I’ve gone from, three or four paragraphs and just one little short short bio here about me and how they could get started.

I went down to a few testimonials and a little agitation here. You can have a profitable website. What’s the next step. The next step is to book a call with me. 

I also want to show you that I really did use the theme. I’m letting the theme do the heavy lifting. I’m not trying to change things or I’m not trying to move things in a certain location.

And so also this, the landing page, the one on the far, right? The theme is letting me set this up the way that it looks so, and I thought, well, it’s working great for me. But, does anybody else want this? 

Hello, Jan, Jan who’s with us today. Sign me up !

She said, I need a new website because I’m writing a book and I want to have a new message. We worked on the message. We didn’t even look at themes. We were working on the message and we went back and forth. After we did all the back and forth, it was so easy to choose.

What did it take us Jan, maybe 20 minutes or 10 minutes to choose a theme, 20 minutes, 20 minutes. And then from there I’m doing the landing page first and not the homepage. 

And so here we go. Here’s the problem. And even though, Jan’s a coach, we’re not focusing on Jan, we’re focusing on the problem. Are you afraid to raise your fees? So we’re agitating, agitating. This is also a work in progress. When you eventually do get to Jan site, it’s going to look a little different, but we’re setting this up with the texts that she gave me .

A little bit about the how, and now we’re getting into the how, but we’re only staying on the “how” for a tiny bit, because next, who’s going to help you. the ownership. What’s it like to work with Jan. And then I built up the home page.

I put all that together in 30 minutes. Starting with, the problem, here we go. And now we’re getting stronger with the problem. It’s going to be a little video going in the what, what is the solution is going to help them. Then we’re talking about the three levels of how Jan helps them.

Testimonials. People who have been helped by them. 

Here’s Jan, as the guide. Notice she’s not at the top. When you look at these coaching websites , what are you seeing? Hi, I’m the coach I’m here to help you. No, no, no, no. That’s so wrong. 

Showing what’s possible.

 I just can’t tell you how writing the sales page first. And then repurposing the sales page. We’ve also repurposed that sales page was small landing page. That’s going to go right into  Jan’s free offer. We’re just rinsing and repeating as many times as we can.

And I thought it was just a brilliant, brilliant strategy. And this is now the way that I am putting together websites.

Love it. This is so perfect. So perfect. I can tell you it was perfect and easy for my part too. Nancy took things that I’d already written. I write.  And I do a lot of speaking. Writing website copy. No, I don’t even want to do, but Nancy took some things I’d written already and put it in this landing page format.

And then we’ve tweaked it a little bit, but doing the landing page first, like she said, made all the difference. 

Yeah. It really does make sense, Nancy. It’s just like you’re right. You’re so right. That’s great. 

For somebody who’s a coach and consultant knowing what you’re selling. And also having a free offer, that’s going to then lead them into list building it. This is making so much sense to me. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long and there’s been struggles.

Jan had mentioned, she reached out because she was working  with a partner who said, oh, I’ll build your website. But it got to be a struggle, 

The way most companies put together website is, show me three websites you really like, and show me three that, that you don’t like. And I think that’s a very good thing because it makes you focus on and really look at it.

Like, what do I like? Or what don’t I like? And then they would take the one I like and copy it, not take this what Nancy’s done instead of.

We, we easily picked the theme and she made it come to life. It’s so many other websites I’ve seen and had, have been so static. And this moves you through. It’s like I’m talking to my clients and it’s completely different experience for me. And for them, it’s terrific. 

Each site is going to be unique because,  it’s you, and that’s where you’re really going to shine because you’re telling your story and all of our stories are unique and we all have a different way of talking and  we’ll have to go in that particular order.

No, not necessarily. It depends on what’s the strongest point. But the one thing that will follow is problem solution, problem, solution, problem, solution.  You talk about one problem and then you give the solution to that problem, which brings up another problem.

So you’re constantly saying, well, once you solve this problem, then this comes up and it is amazing that that is just so, so true because one thing uncovers something else. So then it strengthened threats is the fact that why people really need to work with you and your story, because you understand that they start at point A, but to get to point probably Z , you’ve got to get a few more steps dialed in and completed.

 Nancy, quick question on the landing page that you have there, is there her free offer that you talked about, you know, that lead magnet is that somewhere in this flow well, that’s why I say it’s a work in progress. We are working on that.

The offer for the freebie to list build, there will be one on her website for sure.  By the time they get the landing page, it’s really the sell them on the next step, the long form landing page. So the free offer will not be on the long form landing page.

There is a free offer this on a very short landing page, which is basically here’s the problem. Download this. 

 So the homepage is the abbreviation of the landing page. It has all the goodies. So the homepage will have the freebie. 


Gotcha. Okay. 

Nancy. Can I ask a question? Two, actually  it used to be that we were taught. Don’t put a lead magnet on a landing page, although my new website, because I’ve opened up an online company has three. 

 Should you put them everywhere? Cause I thought maybe social , to drive traffic to your website or to drive traffic to your landing page.

Absolutely.  Landing pages kind of like Kleenex now in terms of, you know, the word there’s a long form landing page for sales. And then there’s the short little landing page. it’s only a few inches tall and this just has the offer and a little lead in to have them download it.

 Your solution is a PDF. It’s not a $10,000 course because  you don’t make that jump at that point, but that tiny landing page to get people on your list, that will absolutely go everywhere. It’s going to go on your social media profile.

 Actually every page on your website, if you have a blog, it should be going , a certain place in your blog. It should be on the home page somewhere, probably at the very end, but it will be on the homepage, but it’s not going to be on where you’re trying to sell them when you’re trying to sell them.

You’re trying to close that 

Jan is also an expert in sales and that’s actually how she’s working with people, but as someone who knows how to close the deal . 

Just another quick question then.

Landing pages, the traditional viewpoint, as far as I’m aware was no menu. All they can do is they can go to the landing page and they can either sign up or leave. So is it actually part of that website, but just not with any of the Parent 


It is a page on a website. It can be either accessed from the website or it can a hidden page that you roll out the link when you need to roll out the link. You can be rolling out the link in an email.

On Elsie Kearns’ sit

On Elsie Kearns’ site, parts of her site that once they get there, when they click, they will just go to a landing page. They could do nothing else. So there’s a few ways you can structure them depending on your customer and how you know, your customer wants to buy.

If you start building your website by creating a long form sales landing page first, you will not only have a great sales page. You’re also going to have an amazing homepage.

Plus your end up with copy that’s for a free offer, email, even launch copy. You’re going to get so much return on your investment by putting the time and effort into creating a long form sales landing page for. If you’d like me to create that for you, schedule a call with me, you’ll find my calendar link below.

And if you liked this video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. You can also head over to my website, fields, graphic, and I’ll invite you to my 10 minute, Monday free series, where I share a tip or a trick on how to create a great business website. Thanks for watching.

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Get More Traffic to Your Business Blog

Best Ways to get More business blog Traffics thumbnail graphic for YouTube video

A few of my blog posts are attracting lots of visitors to my website each week, but they are older posts. Come behind the scenes. You’ll see want is working now and discover what will make my top performing posts even better. Step-by-step video below.

Improving my top performing blog posts

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Thankfully there’s Google Analytics so you can see your top performing pages.

If you don’t have Google Analytics on your website, sign up for an account and put the tracking code on your site. Need help? Click here to schedule a call.

How to find your top performing pages

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down until you see, which pages get the most views.
screenshot of my top posts on Google Analytics

Why top performing post is working

Six things are helping my blog post to stand out and attract Google juice.

1. Blog title from a real problem

arrow pointing to blog title The Right Image Size for Your Website

My title was inspired from a problem my colleague had.

I also researched what words people were using when they had trouble getting their images to display the way they had intended.

2. Video on my blog

screenshot of video on a blog

My video links to my YouTube channel and that’s great because YouTube is its own search engine, owned by Google.

3. Subheads with keywords

screenshot of a blog page with subheadlines

Search engine robots read headline code that WordPress automatically adds to your headlines.

4. Optimized Images

People love pictures, but search engine robots cannot read images.

The problem is, if you don’t describe your images, search engines will penalize you, meaning your website will not show up on the search results page.

Search engines want to make the web accessible for everyone, including people who are visually impaired.

To optimize an image, go to your WordPress Media Library and describe your image in the Alternative Text field.

screenshot image in media library with alt tag in place

How to tag your images.

5. Comments allowed

Allow Comments section on a WordPress website

Comments can be a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because it tells search engines you have followers and authority, which boosts your page rank.

A curse because unless you install a premium plugin like Akismet Spam Protection your Comments can get attacked by SPAM bots. When that happens you will need to spend countless hours deleting SPAM comments. Not fun.

6. List building opt-in form

AWeber optin form at bottom of blog page

Email hosts like AWeber make is easy to create a form that you can put on your website to collect email addresses.

In this blog post, people will need to scroll to the very bottom of the page before they see my form. That’s OK, but in the video below you will see a better location for your opt-in form, and better way to get more opt-ins through your website.

Four More Ways to Improve Top Performing Blog Posts

4 additional steps to make my blog post even better graphic

It takes time to update and improve your top performing blog posts, but it’s worth it because…

…the more visitors to your website:

  • the better your search ranking
  • the greater the opportunity to grow your email list

Video step-by-step shows you how to improve your blog posts so you get more website traffic

Cost to Build a Small Business Website

Cost to Build a Small Business Website woman looking at ecommerce website on laptop
Examples below of websites for coach, author, consultant, retail, health care professional

What can you expect to pay for small business website?

It depends on what you need.

If you only need a blog, you could create a website for free by signing up with Medium, or (not big difference).

Most independent professionals need more than a blog, however. They need a website that attracts more customers, and they need to move beyond their first website that may have been built by young family relative who did not have marketing experience.

If you’ve been in business for at least three years, ask yourself:

  • Are you proud to give out your URL, or do you make excuses for your website begin old or not finished?
  • Do you know how many people are visiting your site each day?
  • Have any prospects said, “I found you online!”?

Need to update your website? Download my Better Business Website Checklist. It’s the same one I use to help my clients attract their perfect customers and grow their business. Click here to download the checklist.

Website vs. Business Asset

A website is a page with a URL.

A business asset is a URL that earns you money.

If you want a website that attracts customers and earns you money, you can expect to pay between $2500 to $5000 to have a small business website built for you. The final price will be determined by any additional programs you may need to purchase.

Below are examples of four business assets: for a coach, a consultant, a retail business, and a health care practitioner. All websites were created in WordPress.

Website for a Coach and Author

Short video walk: Before & After

Galaxy Group Coaching

Julia Donnelly PMP is a career project manager for large corporations. She is also an author and a Passion Test® Facilitator.

Julia asked me to create a website that she could update and maintain herself.

She also wanted to begin launching a new program.

Many skilled launch pros say, ‘You don’t even know you need a WordPress website until you do a launch.’ It’s true! And that’s because you will need additional 3rd party programs that integrate with WordPress.

Galaxy Group Coaching website pages before and after
Before (left) & After

What was included in Galaxy Group Coaching WordPress website

  1. Domain name DNS redirect
  2. WordPress install
  3. Theme selection
  4. Theme customization
  5. Headline copywriting
  6. Image search edit, optimize and placement
  7. Logo customization
  8. Populate website with text, images, and video
  9. MailChimp integration
  10. MailChimp Landing Page creation
  11. Opt-in button with link to free offer
  12. Free Offer design
  13. Social media icons added to navigation menu
  14. Amazon link setup
  15. Blog setup
  16. Contact form
  17. Google Analytics setup
  18. SEO
  19. One-on-one training

Website for a Management Consulting Firm

Ray Associates is a long established management consulting firm that specializes in executive search for public sector clients.

Their old website was hand coded in HTML. The young and savvy developer who built their original site died in a tragic accident. They were stuck. No one on staff could update their website.

A website maintenance tech suggested WordPress. Katherine and Jim Ray loved the idea of simplifying their website so that staff members could easily access, update, and maintain their site.

Ray Associates Inc. WordPress website design by Nancy Fields

What was included in Ray Associates WordPress website

  1. WordPress install
  2. SSL Certificate Install
  3. Theme selection
  4. Theme customization
  5. Logo customization
  6. Headline copywriting
  7. Image search edit, optimize and placement
  8. Populate website with text, images, and video
  9. Video editing and placement on Home page
  10. Contact form
  11. Survey forms setup (access for invited respondents only)
  12. SEO
  13. One-on-one training

Website for a Brick & Mortar

Herlihy’s website is more than five years ago, but the site structure still works because it was designed with change in mind. Four times a year, the previous season’s fashions are replaced with a new merchandise.

Retail has been hit hard due to the COVID lockdowns, and Herlihy’s Women’s Clothing was no exception.

Forced closures and limited business hours meant that the site had to be updated more frequently, but that was never a problem. Hours of operation could be quickly and easily changed which saved the owner time and money.

Herlihys women's clothing boutique Florence, MA home page and new hours page
Herlihy’s Florence, MA

What was included in Herlihy’s Clothing WordPress website

  1. Website host change
  2. Domain name DNS change
  3. WordPress install
  4. SSL Certificate Install
  5. Theme selection
  6. Theme customization
  7. Logo design
  8. Seasonal header banner and home page updates
  9. Headline copywriting
  10. Image optimization and placement
  11. Populate website with text and images
  12. SEO
  13. One-on-one training

From Overwhelm to Easy

Before (left) & After Overwhelm Warrior

Overwhelm Warrior is a small business with a big business mindset. Physical products, digital products, online and in-person classes, services, and monthly memberships are all sold through the website. WordPress can easily handle e-commerce, plus the site’s video blog.

Elsie Kerns worked with a branding expert who recommended a website redesign and name change. That meant starting from scratch without losing 20 years of good will and list building from the website, WellnessWithElsie.

What was included in Overwhelm Warrior WordPress website

  1. Domain name change
  2. DNS change
  3. WordPress install
  4. SSL Certificate Install
  5. Theme selection
  6. Theme customization: fonts and colors
  7. Headline copywriting
  8. Image search edit, optimize and placement
  9. Logo customization
  10. Create a video blog
  11. Populate website with text, images, and videos
  12. MailChimp integration
  13. MailChimp Landing Page creation
  14. Opt-in button with link to free offer
  15. Social media icons in footer Navigation Menu
  16. WooCommerce integration
  17. PayPal integration
  18. Google Analytics setup and integration
  19. Google Search Console integration
  20. SEO
  21. One-on-one training

Need a New Website?

Please feel free to phone or email me at nancy (at) fieldsgraphicdesign (dot) com for a free 15-minute consultation to see if a WordPress website is right for your business.

And please download my free offer, Better Business Website Checklist. It’s the same one I use to help my clients attract their perfect customers and grow their business. Click here to download the checklist.

Website for a Freelance Copywriter: Before & After

Click here to watch the review via video

There are so many choices when it comes to building a website. When you’re just starting out it’s difficult to know which one is right for you and your business.

My choice for building a business website is WordPress. Here’s why.

Click here to download the same checklist I use to build business websites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Business owners who complain that people can’t find their website and so they aren’t making the income they expected, typically one or all of these problems:

  1. Their website was created with a drag and drop builder like Wix or GoDaddy
  2. They don’t use or know how to use the proprietary marketing tools that came with their drag and drop builders
  3. Their site is not optimized for SEO

Search engine robots have always loved WordPress because WordPress speaks code. That means if you know how to optimize your business website for SEO you will have a better chance of being found online.

WordPress also integrates with the best 3rd party software solutions that help build your list, market your business, and sell more products and services.

3rd Party Software Integration

For business websites to be effective they need to make money while you sleep.

WooCommerce is a shopping cart plugin that comes downloaded with each new version of WordPress. WooCommerce creates beautiful product and sales pages, and they make it easy to set up and collect payments.

But the problem is most website visitors are not ready to buy when they first come to your website.

So what should you do?

Give them something for free in exchange for their email address.

WordPress easily integrates with many 3rd party software solutions that build your list of prospects by capturing their names and email address. Once you have their email addresses you can continue the conversation which gives you a better chance of closing a sale.

Why Carol Chose WordPress

Carol and her daughter created Carol’s first business website using GoDaddy’s website builder. They choose a prebuilt, drag and drop template. The same type you may have see advertised about how easy it is to create a business website in a few hours.

Website created with GoDaddy proprietary drag and drop builder

copy by carol website created with GoDaddy drag and drop builder

Using drag and drop website templates is easy if you have built websites before. You can even build a website in a weekend if your text and images are all set to go.

Carol’s Struggle

Instead of taking a few hours, it took Carol and her daughter days to complete her home page. Carol was happy with the overall look of her Home page but she was never happy with her About page.

Centered text is perfect for invitations, but not for long form website copy

copy by centered text is difficult to read in carol website about page with centered text created

Neither Carol of her daughter were able to figure out how to left justify her text, which made her About page difficult to read.

Nor did they know where to put her Privacy statement. In frustration and exhaustion they decided to ‘just put it there’…

Best place to put your Privacy Policies is in your website footer: (1) Create a Privacy Policy page (2) Put a link to your Privacy Policy in your website footer

Copy by Carol website About page created with GoDaddy drag and drop website builder

Time passed…

Carol wanted to launch her copywriting services using the Product Launch Formula method. She needed to update her site and begin to build her list.

The problem was:

  • She forgot how to add text and images.
  • Her daughter was no longer available to help her.

She also needed a new free offer and a landing page to capture her prospects names and email addresses. She had a lead capture form on her GoDaddy website but she did not know where the names and email addresses went, once she got them.

Optin form created with GoDaddy’s drag and drop website builder


LeadPages was highly recommended by one of Carol’s Launch Club coaches, as a way to capture names and email addresses, but it did not integrate with GoDaddy’s proprietary website builder.

Carol was stuck.

Fortunately she met Tracie, a launch tech expert who guided Carol though the process of setting Carol up for launch success.

The first step was to switch from GoDaddy’s drag and drop builder to a WordPress website because WordPress integrated with the other programs Carol needed in her wheelhouse: 3rd party programs like ActiveCampaign to build her list, and LeadPages to create landing pages that captured names and email addresses.

FYI: I do not use ActiveCampaign or LeadPages, and that’s what makes WordPress so great. WordPress integrates with dozens of email hosts and landing page builders. Often times, it’s not the 3rd party software that moves your business forward: What moves you business forward is choosing one program, learning how to use it, and keep building momentum in a way that works for you.

I was thrilled that Carol reached out to me because I also knew that her WordPress site could grow with her business. Her SEO would improve immediately. Plus, I could easily add a shopping cart and a payment processor when Carol was ready to take payments.

For now, Carol is focused on building her list of prospects so that she can launch her copywriting services using the Product Launch Formula.

Transitioning to a New Website

How do you build a new website without taking down your old website?

To transition Carol from a website built with a GoDaddy drag and drop template to WordPress I first set up a WordPress development site on GoDaddy.

Why GoDaddy?

Carol bought her domain name from GoDaddy, and that’s also where her GoDaddy drag and drop website was hosted. There was no need to change hosts because GoDaddy has many hosting options including including WordPress. Their support is also first rate, too. Whether you prefer to ask questions by phone or online chat, they are super helpful and patient.

The next step was to choose a WordPress theme that would be compatible with Carol’s copywriting services. I’m a huge fan of StudioPress themes because their themes are designed for online business.

I mocked up a few themes from which Carol chose Kreativ Pro.

Carol told me what copy and images she wanted to keep from her GoDaddy website, and gave me new text to populate the rest of the website. Based on her copy and our discussions about her business goals, I chose additional images from Course Creator Market.

It’s great to work this way:

  • your old site stays up while your new site is being built.
  • You can see both websites, as can I, but no one else can.

Carol’s new WordPress website did not go live until Carol was completely satisfied with the new look.

Before and After Video Walk Through

Click below to see Carol’s before and after transformation


Hi, it’s Nancy Fields. I’m excited to show you a website that I’ve been working on with my customer, Carol Richards, who’s a copywriter.

On the left-hand side you’ll see her new WordPress website and the right is a site that was built with a drag and drop template from GoDaddy. By default Carol’s new WordPress theme placed the copy directly over her image and followed by a subhead and a call to action button.

Carol’s Go Daddy theme leads with the quote and then follows with a bold statement. So that’s quite different.

Tagline Advantage

The WordPress theme allows for a tagline. The tagline is what you see under the big heading “Copy By Carol.” What’s great about the tagline is that it gives search engine robots more information as to what the site is about. That’s always a big plus for your SEO.

Flow of Information

One of the biggest changes was in the flow of the information.

You’ll see it says “79% of us feel more productive.” Carol really loved that quote, but that quote got lost. It was down further on her page. We brought that further up.

Also, instead of following with the testimonials that you see here, we took her information as to how she can help people, and added that to her quote for greater impact. Then we gave more interest to the quotes by saying, “Listen to this,” and pulling it in with the quote feature from WordPress that shows these great, big, huge quote marks.

When Business Changes

And the other thing I want to point out as well, if you notice here on the right, Carol has different offerings from her old website. Her business has changed. She no longer wants to offer all six services. She wants to focus on three.

As you grow in your business it is very common to narrow the focus of what you’re offering, as well as the customers that you want to serve.

So this is keeping right in line with what Carol wants to do.

Keep What’s Working

And the other thing that we looked at: Carol really loved her old typewriter here and this quote to pull people in, “I hate to write.” Instead of leaving it higher up, we decided to have it go after her quotes, making more of a statement.

“Did we hear you say, I hate to write?” We put the same copy underneath that, and also added another button.

If you think about bullet points and what you actually remember when you see a list of bulleted items, chances are, you will only remember the first and the last bullet. So I’m really treating this typewriter and Carol’s favorite image as a strong bullet point.

That’s going to end her website homepage.

Sticky Header

I’m going to scroll back up at the top of Carol’s website. And I want you to look at this navigation menu. This called a sticky header. And what that means is, as I scroll, notice that the navigation continues to follow all of the information that Carol has on the page.

That’s unlike her GoDaddy website, in which the navigation menu is at the top. It’s in this hamburger menu, but it doesn’t follow the rest of her copy. So I thought this was also a really great feature.

Call To Action in Navigation Menu

The other thing that I liked about the new navigation menu is I put in a call to action button in her navigation menu. This button will appear on every page. And this is important because Carol is focused on building her list because she is preparing to launch her service using the Product Launch Formula. And that requires that she has an active and engaged email list. The way to build it is through her website.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile View

I wanted to show you is why we chose this particular (hero) image. And for that, I’m going to go to Carol’s dashboard. Under appearance and customize WordPress offers you the ability to see what your homepage images will look like under desktop, tablet and mobile view.

Not only can you see it, you can actually experience it. So many people are viewing websites on their mobile phone, it’s really important to get the right image, and to get an image that’s going to look good on all three platforms.

How To Choose the Best Hero Image

The reason why I chose this one, even though it’s probably not the most exciting image as a desktop, but when you get down to mobile, you see these big words, “Are you still interested in getting your copy read?”

You’ll see the copy. You’ll see the phone. You see the glasses. This is beginning to all work together really well in a powerful way.

I also want to show you the other images that we chose, or that I was exploring.

And for that, I’m going to simply change the image. You’ll see in Carol’s media library, I actually mocked up six or seven of these.

I thought, this might make a great homepage image. This is fun. You know, it looks great on desktop, but not on a mobile phone.

What happened to the image?

We knew that wasn’t going to work.

Another one Carol liked was this one, but it gets busy when you have type over type. You need to carefully choose images.

This one is okay but the type underneath is too strong.

That was a very good second place winner. Even though there is some copy under the headline, it’s not too distracting. This was an image that I actually popped into a tablet in Photoshop to make it look realistic. So it does work here because it’s not fighting with the text underneath.

It also works well on the tablet. It works on the phone view, but you do lose a sense of what it is. So this is why at the end of the day we chose this one, which was really a surprise.

I hope that you found this helpful.

And if you would like help for your website, you can reach out to me by phone or by email [nancy (at) fieldsgraphicdesign (dot) com], and you can also download my free report.

Thank you for stopping by.

Before: Website for a Copywriter

WordPress Website for a Copywriter Before woman with questioning look and three large arrows behind her
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Copywriting Side Hustle

copy by carol website created with GoDaddy drag and drop builder
“Before” website created with GoDaddy’s drag and drop builder

Carol’s daughter helped her create her first business website. Carol purchased her domain name from GoDaddy and decided to use GoDaddy’s proprietary drag and drop website builder.

Even though Carol found a pre-built website template she liked, Carol and her daughter struggled to get the look Carol wanted.

Website Building Challenges

website about page with privacy policy in left column

Drag and drop website builders are super easy to use for people like me who have designed lots of websites, used hundreds of templates, know what images will work best, at the right size, and can write copy to fit the space provided.

Click here to download the same checklist I use to build business websites.

Instead of spending a few hours building her new website, it took Carol and her daughter many days to complete the home page.

A year passed and Carol needed to make a few text and image changes.

She forgot how to do it. Her daughter forgot too, plus Carol’s daughter was so busy with other things, she no longer had time to work on her mother’s website.

Forgetting how to make text and images changes is very common if you don’t build websites full time. I still remember the day I forgot how to log into my new WordPress website.

The Drag and Drop Website Template Was Not the Only Problem

Carol wanted to launch her copywriting services using the Product Launch Formula.

Carol’s coach highly recommended creating a landing page with an opt-in form to build her email list. Carol needed a minimum of 300-500 subscribers to justify spending the time and energy on a product launch.

Carol had an opt-in form on her website, but that was not enough


The online world of sales and marketing is always changing. Landing pages with a built in opt-in form are a better way to list build for 3 big reasons:

  1. Easier to communicate value: Take as much space as you need to tell your website visitors how your free offer will make their lives better.
  2. Fewer distractions: Landing pages are a single focused web page that ask visitors to take one action. There is no navigation menu or other “shiny object” to pull their attention away.
  3. One Call-To-Action: Sign up. Download. Done

Why Carol Chose WordPress

  • WordPress integrates with LeadPages.
  • WordPress integrates with Carol’s preferred 3rd party email host so she can store and tag her list of contacts for product launches.
  • Carol’s site can grow with her business.
  • I made lots of training videos so if Carol forgets how to do something, she can refer to her short video trainings!

Website Before


Carol and her daughter created Carol’s first website using GoDaddy’s website builder. The same one that you see advertised about how easy it is to create a drag and drop website quickly. You choose a prebuilt, template and drag and drop your images and text. 

The problem was Carol wants to launch her copywriting services using the product launch formula method and WordPress is a much better platform for launching products and services because Carol can use landing page software to build her list. And before I replaced her GoDaddy website with her new WordPress website, I wanted to show you what Carol was struggling.

It did take Carol and her daughter hours and hours to complete the home page. And she’s happy with the overall look, but she forgot what she had done to add the text and images. And her daughter’s busy doing other things in her life right now, and she can’t help her mother any longer.

The first thing that held Carol back is that she has an opt-in form here. Instead she wants to add a link to an attractive landing page that was created in LeadPages, but she doesn’t know how to make LeadPages work with GoDaddy.

I asked Google if GoDaddy’s website builder works with LeadPages and I couldn’t easily find the answer because GoDaddy kept leading me to their landing software and lead pages kept saying,  we can also design your website.

WordPress and LeadPages work so well together that there really isn’t any need to be fighting with a platform that you don’t really want to use.

A problem Carol had wason her about us page. Her text is centered. It is very hard to read centered text. Centered text is great for a formal invitation, but definitely not for a website that you want people to read.

The other thing is her privacy policy. Privacy policies do tend to be long as is hers.

At’s also in a column on the left, which looks a little strange.

In general, Carol found it too difficult to work on her site.

Plus I can teach her how to use your website after it’s built. And I can show her how to add text and images without spending hours and hours going through online training, trying to get the answers that she needs.

Customized WordPress Websites

Katherine and Jim Ray wanted a WordPress website that they could maintain and control because their website developer was no longer available to make changes to their old, HTML hand coded website.

The following website and design services were provided by Nancy Fields: WordPress theme selection and site build, image selection and optimization, copy editing, SSL Certificate installed, logo recreated in Adobe Illustrator, favicon created from logo, video editing and upload, SEO.

Pioneer Valley Home Staging WordPress website designed by Nancy Fields Fields Graphic Design
BEFORE (left) AFTER (center & right)

Top realtors in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts refer Laura DuPont because her home staging sells homes faster, and at a price that is often better than expected.

She needed a “Wow” website to reflect her unique skill.

Within one year of her site rebuild by Nancy Fields, another home stager bought her home staging business because of her website!

Read more about Elsie Kerns new brand identity, new business name and new website.

BEFORE (left) AFTER (center & right)

Julia Donnelly PMP purchased a website coaching package from another company that offered a done-for-you website (pictured LEFT). She found it difficult to make changes and schedule her client calls. Her website package also included items she never used, plus the monthly maintenance fees were high.

Julia missed the ease of WordPress, and asked me to design a new website for her coaching business and Passion Test facilitation. I also chose an easy to use scheduler that Julia can add to any page on her website.



Sally Fallon Morell and Kaayla T. Daniel PhD are both best selling authors whose graphic design tastes could not be more different. Sally’s compass leans traditional where as Kaayla embraces modern and sassy.

Nourishing Broth is the title of their best selling book. As such, my design began with their beautifully designed book cover which influenced the color pallet and the site’s visual hierarchy.

By putting the focus on the book, all other design elements could say clean and uncluttered — the perfect solution for my classic and contemporary clients.

Nancy understood what we needed for a successful site, and not just a good looking site. And trust me, that’s a distinction a whole lot of graphic designers just don’t seem to grasp.  — Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel

Travis and Associates website home page before and after new design

Victoria L. Travis is a veterinarian recruiter. She wanted to attract more perfect customers and grow her online presence, but her old website lacked personality. We chose a theme that highlighted her mission and her professional qualifications. Now visitors to her website quickly understand what makes her unique among veterinary recruiters.

“Nancy, someone just phoned to say he found me on line, and he that liked my website!” — Victoria L. Travis website before and after

Renee Fink, President and CEO, recently acquired ClearPath Workforce Management and wanted a website her staff could update and maintain. In addition, Renee wanted a site with a fresh, dynamic homepage that had a video and lead magnet ‘above the fold.’ The site also needed to:

  1. load fast
  2. be mobile responsive, and
  3. have Payroll and Risk calculators.

ClearPath Workforce Management’s lead magnet designed by Nancy Fields as a downloadable PDF.


Our internal staff gave rave reviews about the website. I can tell there was a renewed sense of pride about our company. We’ve moved into the 21st century.

Thank you for all your great work on this. — Renee Fink, President and CEO

promotional post card Nourishing Fats book by Sally Fallon Morell

NewTrends Publishing website design before and after

Sally Fallon Morell is a busy lady! She’s a best selling author and publisher who has been online since the early days of HTML.

Sally wanted a site where people could purchase her books, and those she publishes.

Followers can also hear her latest podcast interview, and read her blog post, too.

Sally also requested a promotional post card of her latest best seller, Nourishing Fats: Why We Need Animal Fats for Health and Happiness. Design, 3-D rendering, and copywriting by Nancy Fields.

What a pleasure it is to work with Nancy Fields! When you tell her your vision for your website, she gets it immediately, and then puts together something that surpasses your expectations. She’s a real professional—easy to work with, punctual and very good value! — Sally Fallon Morell, author
Nourishing Traditions, Nourishing Broth, Nourishing Fats

Say Hello Spot website before and after redesign

I love what I do because I get to work with friends who become clients, and clients who become friends.

Cynthia started her blog website six years ago and grew her list of followers to over 65,000! It was time to update her website because her old site was not mobile responsive, which was hurting her search rankings. Cynthia was also ready for a more modern look, which she thought would help promote her first book which is soon to be published.

Because we had worked together in the past, I was able to choose a theme I knew she would like, plus a theme that would fit her content, and all the beautiful photos she wanted to add— which I also used on her new business cards.

Cynthia Hinckley business cards

I’m very excited about the new look for Say Hello Spot. For over a year, I have wanted to upgrade the look of my blog. Nancy is someone I have worked with professionally since 1998 and she helped me setup up my website when I founded Bright Spot Therapy Dogs in 2004. We work well together. She “gets” what I’m striving to convey to my readers in visual form and she’s got great advice to share, as well.

The creating of the new look for Say Hello Spot didn’t happen overnight. Selecting great photos for my homepage slider, selecting the right font for the header and the perfect WordPress theme, took hours of time.

It was all worth it. I am thrilled with the outcome. For me, a website needs to draw the viewer in by being visually attractive and easy to navigate. I feel the New Say Hello Spot does just that. — Cynthia Hinckley

Practice To Business website design by Nancy Fields before and after

Business coach, Steve Hendon, specializes in helping small and medium size practices spend less time managing their business and more time doing what they love do — and were trained to do.

When Steve asked me to look at his old website, my first reaction was:

  1. I didn’t understand what he did, and
  2. he seemed to be hiding his skill at helping others identify their strengths.

Together we worked on

  • message clarity
  • selected a theme to help him build his list of followers, and
  • built his authority by letting his raving clients ‘do the talking.’

Your energy level and excitement about building my website was infectious.

I also recognize your persistence as you kept me informed of the progress and pursued completion of the project in a timely manner.

I have peace of mind knowing that 24/7 my site is working for me and providing a vehicle for people to know me better and get in touch with me. I also appreciate having an expert to answer my questions and keep me up to date with the best information available. — Steve Hendon

Reno Hot Properties website design before and after

Like many of my clients, Lori’s daughter created her first WordPress website, and updated her website, too. A year later, Lori’s daughter went off to college, and didn’t have time to update her mother’s site.

Lori didn’t enjoy the tech side of maintaining a website. The problem was, being a realtor Lori’s site needed frequent updates. When Lori phoned me she said, “People think I’m no longer in business.”

Lori also needed to update her site because her old WordPress site was not mobile responsive. She also wanted a more modern looking site.

Properties in the Reno area can move fast. Some weeks I sell a house as soon as it’s listed! What I like most about Nancy is she’s so responsive.  —  Lori Doyle, Realtor

Non-profit Two Centre Street Restoration Project wanted to keep donors updated on their progress. One of the Board members heard that a WordPress site would allow them to easily update their own site. I created a custom header for them using their own photos, and taught their administrator how to use WordPress. Over the next 10 years they’ll be adding text and photos to keep people interested in their project so they can continue to raise more money while this historic landmark gets a facelift.

Nancy taught me step by step how to run and manage the website and showed me how easy it is to take command of your own site—very empowering.  I couldn’t have done any of this without her design and expertise. — Jane Karakula

Janet R. Bowen, RN, FNP, AHN-BC has a busy practice in rural Wisconsin. A family member setup her WordPress website but no longer had the time to continue working on Natural Hormone Balancing. Janet asked me to pickup where her nephew left off, design a custom web header, her free offer and add them to her website.

Nancy, you have been so helpful to me and I am so grateful for the beautiful work you have done. I will continue to utilize your services as I continue to develop my site further…Thank you for the amazing work you do! — Janet Bowen RN, FNP, AHN-BC

Email List Building, Referrals or Both?

blog cover graphic wooden people on teeter-totter Should You Build a Business on Referrals, List Building or both?

Do you need an email list if you have referrals?

Referrals are pure gold. Referrals built my business which continued to grow at a rapid pace until the stock market crashed in 2008. Before 2008 my business was outputting over 300 design jobs a year. After the crash…12.

And that’s the problem.

Like COVID, and stock market corrections, it’s hard to predict what will cause the next economic downturn, and when it will occur.

If your business is humming along on referrals alone, touche to you, but be forewarned.

If you don’t have an email list, or not actively building an email list, you could be setting yourself up for an expected downturn when the economy hits another bump in the road.

How to use Google Search to build your list of prospects: Click here to download my FREE video.

…but List Building isn’t an income generating activity

It’s true.

List building takes hours of your unpaid time to create a free offer in exchange for a prospect’s email address.

The good news is, successful online entrepreneurs report that each hot prospect on your email list is worth between $.50 and $2.50 per month, depending upon your industry and product.

How to make free offers worth your time and effort

If you can:

  1. Solve an immediate problem for your ideal customer
  2. Give them a small quick win they can use right away
  3. Keep in touch so they remember you…

…you’ll build an email list that’s worth your time and effort.

What makes the best free offer?

The best free offers give people what they want. But your best free offer gives your prospect only one quick win.

If you’re spending more than two hours creating your free offer you’re giving away too much information.

Create one page.

Given them one quick win.

Like many entrepreneurs, the first free offer I created contained too much information. I wanted to show my expertise so I wrote a 20-page step-by-step guide on how to set up a WordPress website. It was so thorough there was no need to hire me; and that was the problem.

Today, with free design templates from Canva, you can quickly build a professional looking, one-page free offer that builds your list of prospects.

How to discover what your ideal customer wants badly enough to give you their email address

  1. Ask Google!
  2. Go to
  3. Ask question to a problem you can easily solve for your ideal customer Enter question in search box illustration

BEFORE you press enter wait for the drop down menu to appear (see below). search box dropdown illustration
  1. Choose the most relevant question from the dropdown menu
  2. Click

Look for the People also ask box (PAA)

You’ll find the People also ask (PAA) box on page one of Googles Search Results page. PAA is pure gold because you will find the EXACT words people are using to solve their problems.

And that’s exactly what you want: their words. Not the words you use, or that you think your ideal customer is using.

How to use PAA

Click on the most relevant question.

Read the article to discover if:

  • it’s what your customer wants and needs
  • there’s something in article that’s missing, or that you could answer more thoroughly
  • you have a different ‘spin’

By creating a free offer from a real question people are asking you will become a trusted resource. People also ask box screen shot illustration

Need Help Creating a Free Offer?

Most of my website customers also need free offers so I’ve designed a lot of them.

Please feel free to phone or email me at nancy (at) fieldsgraphicdesign (dot) com for a free 15-minute consultation to see how I can help you.

How I use Google Search to build my list of prospects: Click here to download my FREE video.

How To Credit A Photo You Downloaded for FREE

How to properly credit any image you download from a free stock photo website:

  • What your credit should say
  • Where to find the name of the photographer
  • Where to put your photo credit
  • How to get Google to love you
Step-by-step 3-minute video shows where to place the photo credit

If you’d like me to notify you each time I give a free, live 10-Minute Monday presentation, click here to sign up. You’ll also received my list of favorite free stock photos.

What Your Photo Credit Should Say

As a fashion and beauty editor for Glamour, Mademoiselle and Weight Watchers Magazine photo credits were a must.

Today many free stock image photo sites say, ‘Attribution is not required, but appreciated.’ I like to give credit to anyone who has given me something of value for free.

Where To Find the Name of the Photographer

  • Go to the site where the image is located (such as Pexels, Pikwizard, Pixabay, Unsplash, etc.)
  • Click on the image
  • Look for the following information
  1. Photo URL
  2. Photographer’s name

5 hand bump photo with photo image URL example
Each Stock Photo house is a bit different. This is Pexels


Copy & paste the photo URL and the photographer’s URL into a simple text document like this…

You will need this information when it’s time to credit the photo

Where To Put Your Photo Credit

The following instructions are for WordPress

  1. Go to your Media Library
  2. Click on the photo to bring up the Description field
  3. Add the Photo URL (from the stock photo house) in the Description field

Optional: Add a photo credit as a “Caption”

  1. Insert an image into your Post or page.
  2. Under the image look for “Write caption” (see below)
  3. Add “Photo courtesy of [link to photographer] via [link to stock  photo house]
closeup of icecream waffle cone full of small white flowers

How To Get Google to Love You

Part of giving credit is linking to the photographer and the stock photo house (“Photo courtesy of [link to photographer] via [link to stock  photo house].)

The problem is you don’t want the search engines, like Google, to follow the link because Google may think you are a spammer who is trying to create false links, just for attention.

The solution is to create a nofollow link. Here’s how:

  1. In your WordPress Post or Page click on the “Text” tab
  2. Type in nofollow as indicated below
example of where to place nofollow code for photo credits

Don’t Forget to Alt Tag Your Images

Super important!

Search engines cannot yet read your images so you need to describe each image you upload for people who are visually impaired.

This short article will show you how to tag your images in WordPress.

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Featured images courtesy of picjumbo via Pexels and Pikwizard