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Who is Nancy Fields

Personalized profitable websites for authors who want more visibility and traffic

When you hire Nancy Fields, you get a designer with 30-years of experience who builds your website from the ground up, including all the design elements that make you stand out and get found online.

Imagine being proud to send people to your website.

Imagine people reaching out to say they found you online. That’s what SEO is all about, because if people can’t find you, you will not sell books. Nor can you serve those who are looking for someone just like you and your book!

If you are ready to get found online and show up they way you want to been seen, Nancy Fields can bring your vision to life so you can attract more speaking opportunities and change more lives by your words.

One & Multiple page websites for authors
Plus SEO now, not after your website is built

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My story

“I’m thinking of a Color…”

I am truly blessed to have grown up with an aunt who was blind.

It may seem odd, but one of her favorite games was, “I’m thinking of a color…”

Not only did her guessing game make me fall in love with color, her blindness encouraged me to describe what I saw in greater detail. Although Mimmi passed many years ago, I still cherish the little world we shared.

Describing what you “see”

I don’t know how you did it, but you took the ideas I had in my head and interpreted them with words and images — even the ones I didn’t articulate! What you do is really unique.

Cliff Martin

I’m always striving to bring out the best qualities in my clients, so that others can see their strengths…and get found online!

Getting found online

Many people think they don’t need a website if they have a presence on social media.

That’s not true.

Today you need both for two reasons:

  1. A website makes you look ‘legit’
  2. You need to send people from your social media channels to your website when you start promoting your book

What you do not need is a website that is buried on page 5 in Google.

Creating a website that sells more books

I want my clients to have a strong online presence so they can sell more books.

That’s why all of my clients’ have Google Analytics installed on their sites, and we talk SEO at the very beginning.

Why I build websites in WordPress

WordPress is the hands-down best website platform for getting found online because WordPress allows me to structure a website that Google loves.

For over 20 years WordPress has been the perfect solution for my clients who wanted — and needed — a professional, profitable website that they owned and controlled.

My clients who are authors want — and need — a clean, modern looking website that loads fast and attracts book buyers and speaking opportunities.

Install, build, train

You don’t need to know how to build a WordPress site, you just need to know how to use it.

After I install and customize my clients’ WordPress sites, I teach them (or a staff member) how to use their website so they can save money making their own updates, and post their own blogs.

Too busy writing and marketing your book to build your own website?

Perfect! That’s what I do! And I love it.

  • If you’re beyond DIY (Do It Yourself) — been there, done that
  • If you would rather spend your nights, weekends, and months having fun with your family and friends, instead of learning how to build a website — and forgetting how you did it within a few weeks
  • If you want a website that’s more than a fancy business card
  • If you want a website that sells more books…
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Nancy Fields

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I look forward to learning more about you and your business.