What does a Landing Page for Self-published Author Websites Look Like?

A Landing Page is a one-page website without:

  1. A navigation menu
  2. A footer
  3. Links to your social media pages
  4. Any links that would take them off the page except to join your list or buy your book.

Why omit the navigation and links to social media?

So that visitor do not get distracted by any other elements on the page because the purpose of a landing page is for your visitor to take one action, or leave the page.

What is an Author Landing Page?

An Author Landing Page is a highly focused web page that asks your website visitor to:

  1. Sign up for more information (aka join your email list)
  2. Buy your book
Example of a book launch landing page

Are Landing Pages Part of Your Website?

Landing Pages can be part of a website. They can also be a stand alone one-page website.

Can a Landing Page be a Home Page?

Yes. A Landing Page can be a Home page.

The problem is one-page websites do not rank well because there is not enough relevant content to attract search engine robots so your site.

Is the Landing Page the Home Page? 

A Landing Page can be the Home page, but it does have to be.

What are Landing Pages Used For? 

Example of a Landing Page inviting people to a website design review of an author website

Landing pages are used for different reasons, but all Landing Pages ask your visitor to take one action such as:

  • Sign up for a free offer in exchange for their email address
  • Sign up for a newsletter in exchange for their email address
  • Sign up for a webinar (free or paid)
  • Sign up for a workshop (free or paid)
  • Sign up for a membership (free or paid)
  • Purchase your book

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Landing Pages are important because they are often the first point of contact between you and your website visitors.

They are also important because the content on a Landing Page is highly focused. By seeing how many people ‘land’ on your page, and what percentage take action, you will know if you message is working.

Landing Page for a Book

A Landing Page for a book asks people to:

  • Be placed on a waiting list
  • Pre-order your book
  • Order your book

Where To Find Landing Page Templates?

Type in, Landing Page Templates, into your favorite search engine (i.e. Google, Safari, Bing). You will find dozens (hundreds) of Landing Page options.

To keep things simple, I design landing pages inside my WordPress theme.

I have also used Landing Page templates provided by my email host, AWeber, and then linked them to my WordPress website.

Question about Landing Pages for Authors?

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