Websites For Authors

If you’re an author, your online presence is essential to your success. 

You may have a social media following – but do you have your own author website? 

Your website is like a storefront. It’s where loyal readers go to find out more about your latest releases or upcoming projects, and it will help to boost your online visibility. 

Benefits of having an author website

Having a website designer for authors website is one of the best ways to promote and market your book. Not only does it give you increased visibility but you’ll have better control over how people perceive your work, and you.

People want to learn more about you and why you wrote your book.

Your author website makes it easy for followers to find out where they can buy your book and read reviews written by other readers. Plus, if they have questions they’ll be able to quickly contact you via email or through social media links provided on your site.

You can also use your website to show off any awards or recognitions that your work has received, or share special offers with readers who visit your site.

All this helps to create a stronger connection between you and your readers which leads to more sales! 

Your author website is also your media hub, so if you guest blog, appear on podcasts and other media outlets, your hosts can easily get your bio and headshot — right on your website media page!

Author domain name

If your name, as a domain name is already taken, what should you buy?

These are all great choices:

Should you your book title for a domain name?

Yes. Buy both.

Many publicists I work will urge their authors to buy a domain name for the title of their book, and their pen name.

You won’t be creating multiple websites. Instead you will have one main domain under your pen name.

The title of your book will point to your pen name. That means, when someone types in your name, or the name of your book, they will be taken to one website.

For example, I have two website names that lead to the same website. It’s called redirecting your domain.

Your author name will be you main domain. Your book title will redirect to your author name.

When should I publish my website?

As soon as possible here’s why…

  1. You need buyers!
  2. It can take months to build a list of people who want to buy your book
  3. Prospective buyers want to know about you before they buy your book
  4. You can use your website to build anticipation before your book is released

Book mentors and publicists I have worked with, work hard to get their authors on the Amazon Best Seller list. They all recommend launching their website before their book is released and having an opt-in form on their website to collect site visitors names and email addresses.

One page author website

Even if you are just starting to write your book, you can create a one page website that asks people to sign up to receive updates on your book progress, and its release date.

Your book does not need to be finished.

In fact, most people enjoy being part of your ‘author journey.’ They often become your biggest fans and the first ones to buy your book the day it is released.

When you are ready to add more website pages, you can add an “About” page, Media page, Blog, and Author Contact page.

Self-published author websites

Today over 90% of authors self publish, and the numbers keep growing.

Not only does it give you more control over your work, but it also allows you to keep more of your earnings.

A self published author website can help promote credibility among readers and literary professionals; establish yourself as a brand; build relationships with marketers, publicists and others who want to learn more about your book; plus much more.

First time author websites

If you are thinking about a website to promote your book, or just need someone to point you in the right direction Click here to schedule a free 30-minute call. I will get you started on the right path to a successful author website.