The best website for an Author is one that promotes you and your book.

If you are like most first time authors you only want to promote your book. 

The problem is, unless you are already famous, buyers want to know about you before opening their wallets.

Whether your potential buyers learn about you on a podcast, social media, or through word-of-mouth, you need a WordPress Author Template that lets you shine, and makes it easy to buy your book.

Why WordPress Is Best

At least once a month an author reaches out asking, ‘Can you help me with SEO? No one can find my website.’

If you did not build your site with WordPress, your only option is to spend money on advertising to drive people to your website.

WordPress websites get found online because WordPress is the only website platform that can create a URL structure like the one on my website…

Other popular website builders like Wix or Squarespace, can only build a website URL like this…

Without being able to add a Sub Category and a Post Title, it’s hard for the search engine robots to find your website, which is why no one can find you online.

Where To Begin

What if you’re just starting out? What WordPress theme should you choose?

  1. Enter “author wordpress theme” into Google
  2. Click on the “Images” tab
  3. Select “WordPress themes”
  4. Choose a design you like

When I work with an author we choose up to five themes.

I take a screenshot of each website theme home page, and add my clients words and pictures in Photoshop.

My clients love this because they can see how their words and pictures fit into different designs. This makes it easy to choose the best theme for them before building their site in their hosting platform.

Most website designers first upload their client’s favorite theme into a website hosting platform, then spend several hours building the website.

The problem is, if their client does not like the design after the site is built, or they want to try a different theme, it gets expensive.

Isn’t it easy to change themes?

Yes. One WordPress theme can quickly replace another WordPress theme, but words and images move around when you replace a theme. And that leads to more changes.

When you know what website theme you want before you, or your developer, builds your website in your hosting platform, you will save time and money, and you will finally have a website you are proud to promote.

Mix and Match Website Design

Can you take elements of one WordPress website theme and add it to another theme?


WordPress makes it easy to copy design elements from one WordPress theme and add it to another, but you will need to have access to both themes. 

That means…

Both themes need to be free, or you will need to have a multiple use license from one company. 

For example I purchased a premium bundle from Kandencewp themes so I can take parts of one design and add it to another.

About Video

Oftentimes an author wants to add a video to their home page.

Not a problem.

Even if you don’t see a video displayed on your favorite WordPress theme, videos can be added to any page, and in any place on your website. 

You will not be adding your video file to your website media folder, because video files are too large to upload.

Instead, you will first upload your video to your YouTube Channel, or a video hosting service like Vimeo or Wistia. Your video is then linked from your YouTube Channel, Vimeo or Wistia account.

Free WordPress Themes For Writers

Authors are Writers, but Writers may not have a book to sell. They simply want to express themselves and share their wisdom.

If that sounds like you, choose a WordPress blog theme.

  1. Enter “wordpress blog themes” into Google
  2. Click on Images
  3. Select “WordPress themes” from the submenu
  4. Choose something you like

List  Building For Authors and Writers

Even if you are a Writer who does not want to sell anything, it’s good idea to ‘think like an author’ when it comes to building a fan base. 

That is done by capturing your website visitors’ names and email addresses so you can stay in touch with your fans.

Any WordPress website will allow you to collect names and email addresses.

It will look something like this…

Ready to start your author website, but don’t know where to start?

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