The Best Author Book Website Sells More Books 

After going through over 40 interviews for a client who is an Author of 15 self-help books…

I have come to realize that most authors are thousands of dollars in debt and haven’t even sold ONE book.


Because Authors enjoy writing BUT do they not like the marketing part to sell their book.

BUT without getting the book any exposure, how on earth will authors make money from their books?

How will they be able to pay for their cover design, and the cost to print their books? 

Chances are if you’re an author you’ve also spent money on writing coaches, and book editors…

…BEFORE making your first dollar.

But authors who understand that marketing is what makes everything work…

…are the ones who sell their books. 

That is why I came up with an easy way for any author to position an article that talks about their new book…

Where it can be found by people searching for the topic discussed in their books on search engines like…

Google, YouTube, and Bing…

Let me show you what I did for an author who is selling more books because I gave her the right website structure and optimized her site for SEO.

Nancy Fields has made all the difference in the world for my site and my sales!!! Not only do I have my 5 books on the site, but I also have my recorded courses available on my website too. They suddenly began to sell before Nancy had even completed her first SEO steps for my site.  You have been a blessing to me…

Tina Zion, R.N., Medical intuitive, Best Selling Author

This is my client’s main page. Her home page shows all her books. Each book image links to a page where they can buy.

Her books are also for sale on a page called Medical intuitive Books.

Medical intuitive Books is a term that people are searching for online, which is why a link to Tina’s website and a link to buy her book comes up on page one of Google.

Getting found online starts with people searching for something that is of interest to them, such as, ‘medical intuitive.’

When you know what people are looking for, and you use those exact words on your website, people find you and your book online. It’s called SEO [Search Engine Optimization.]

And when they search for medical intuitive books, Tina Zion comes up on page one in the search results.

She also comes up in the search results for all the books that are on her website. 

When people put her name, Tina M. Zion, into their search field, an entire page devoted to her books comes up on page one of Google. 

The Best SEO for Authors is made to sell more books 

To sell more books you’ll need to drive more traffic to your website.

How do your drive more traffic?

It starts by knowing what words people are typing into their search engines to find the topic you are writing about.

If you’d like to discover what words people are using to find a book like yours, I offer a 90-minute workshop on Fridays.

Cost: $79.

In 90-minutes I will show you how to use a low cost tool that has been a game changer in my business. As an SEO expert, I work hard to get my clients found on page one.

Go behind the scenes. Uncover the words people are using to find you and your book.

Join me for hands-on learning. Ask questions. Get valuable feedback.


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